Dynamo Kingston Football Club

Home Ground

Our home ground is Manor Park on Malden Road in New Malden. Very easy access by car from the A3 and a 10min walk from both Worcester Park and Malden Manor railway stations.

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Want to play regular Saturday football in the Kingston/Surbiton/New Malden/Tolworth/Malden Manor/Worcester Park area?

We're a friendly bunch, with a good social calendar. We are looking for players in all positions (particularly keepers!) as we're moving to a 2 team setup this coming season.

Interested in giving us a test drive? Email our Board of Selectors (bos@dynamokingstonfc.com) and we'll arrange for you to come down to a training session and find out more about us.

Club History

Dynamo Kingston was formed in April 2003 by a group of Westside FC players who fancied a change and decided to start their own club. This motley crew planned and schemed their new empire whilst supping Young's Bitter at the Grey Horse in Kingston. They drew on their time and experience at Westside, combined it with their own quirks and the prototypical Griswold FC was born. It was some weeks later that the name Griswold was decided as being too humourous (and copyright infringing) so Dynamo Kingston FC was born instead.

Over the ensuing months things took shape. A sponsor, Soundalive Ltd, was found. Kit was purchased. Applications were made and forms filled out. DK, as it was soon hip to call it, joined the Kingston & District League in Division 5. All the while this small group of players evangelised their hot-potato ethic at Manor Park in an effort to recruit fresh blood (Pikey Charlie will not be forgotten).

In August, with the squad bulging at a mighty 15 players we proudly stepped out to play our first game - a friendly against Esso in Tolworth. The result was unimportant (we lost) but a good thing had started that day.

Team Colours

1st Team

Dynamo Kingston FC home kit

Home colours: Green shirts with black panels, black shorts, green socks.

Dynamo Kingston FC away kit

Away colours: Blue and black striped shirts, black shorts, black socks.


Dynamo Kingston FC Reserves home kit

Home colours: Blue and black striped shirts, black shorts, black socks.

Dynamo Kingston FC Reserves away kit

Away colours: Green shirts with black panels, black shorts, green socks.


Full Membership: £65
Match Fees: £7 per match (pro rated by time on pitch)

Trial membership:

In instances where players are likely only to be available for a couple of games, or to allow the club to trial players without immediately committing to full membership, the following option is available: No signing on fee, but a fee of £10 per match, up to a maximum of 3 games. Please note however that players choosing this option must already have signed up to the club. If the player subsequently wishes to join the club, he must pay the full £65, less the surplus received on match fees already paid.

Part-season membership:

From the 2nd half of the season there will be a pro-rated membership fee available based on the number of games remaining in the season.


Training fees are included in match fees. Those that haven't played in a recent match must pay £4 for each football training session attended (fitness is free). A lump sum option may be available to cover the season. Please consult the treasurer for further details.